Hi I’m Tina 

The Footballers Therapist

I help professional footballers build inner confidence

Recover from Depression, Anxiety & Addictions

  Stop repetitive injuries and heal injury trauma

To eliminate fear and doubt, become fully focused on getting back to playing at the top of their game as soon as possible

Behind every footballer is a Human being!

We all from a very young age take on a certain role or label. Depending on our perception of what we experienced or heard around us. This was either from society or our parents,  when describing a child the parent would often say:

“Oh he’s the naughty one” OR “She’s a good girl” 

These labels stay with us throughout our life and we tend to wear them like a badge of honour. Our actions always reflect what we perceive our role to be.

You play the only part you’ve ever known, until that part becomes your own.”

Footballers are no different, this is often why when a player comes to the end of his/her career. He or she will go through an identity crisis or depression. “I’m a footballer, I don’t know anything else! If I’m not going to training every day I feel totally lost.”

When labels become your identity, especially when you are in the public eye. People forget that behind the “The footballer” is a human being, and as human beings we all at some time in our lives need a little help.  It’s not only others that label us, based on our childhood perceptions we often label ourselves.  “I’m not good enough or I’m weak” this is why you may find it difficult to reach out for help

 You are not ALONE, everybody goes through the same issues. Asking for help is not a weakness, on the contrary it’s the single most important decision you can take. The first step to overcoming your problem and moving forward with your life.

My Role as “The Footballers Therapist” is to support you in a confidential and non judgemental way.

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What my clients said..

Pain Relief

Tina is the most wonderful, incredibly intuitive and caring Therapist.

She understood right from the beginning where my pain was rooted. This pain-relieving therapy has been amazing for me.

– Victoria, London


Tina has been helping me overcome Depression. This was something I didn’t think was possible,  but it has been life changing for me. 

I was absolutely astounded, it’s been hard work but totally worth it . Tina has been there with me all the way, i’m so glad to have my life back on track.


Pain reduction after Injury

I contacted Tina for a hypnosis session on pain reduction after an injury.  I didn’t expect the pain to be related to fear or believe it, until I went under hypnosis.

Tina was able to help me understand the cause of my injury. The pain started to dissipate immediately, I’ve been listening to a recording and now it’s gone away completely. Now I understand what caused the issue, I’m confident it won’t come back again.

I recommend both Tina and RTT

– Confidential

Anger & Sleep issues

I felt disbelief, sad, angry and alone lashing out at those close to me who were trying to support me made me feel worse. It’s a lonely place when you know you’re not going to be playing for the rest of the season. I was not sleeping well, just feeling angry and irritated. I contacted Tina about help with sleep and the anger. She told me I was suffering with physiological trauma from the injury and from not playing.

I thought she has no idea what she is talking about! That was until we started working together. She has helped me with the anger around the injury, I’m sleeping a lot better now,  just focused on my recovery. I’m improving every day and will be back stronger than ever.

– Confidential


I have struggled with depression, personal doubt and fear that’s been holding me back from a regular place in the first team.

My childhood was not the best, but I didn’t realise that was the cause of the depression.   I was desperate to get rid of the depression before it got worse and have more confidence in myself.
As a bloke, I wasn’t sure about having “therapy” but Tina made it easy to open up.  I’m more confident now and no longer depressed, result.


Ankle Pain

I’ve been playing with a knock on my ankle for ages, a mate had tried hypnosis and gave me the number.

I had a session with Tina and she told me it could be caused by worry. When she put me under hypnosis I couldn’t believe it, I had an injury that kept me out for a while a couple of years back and I  was anxious of another injury keeping me out and losing my place.

It was bizarre because I would not have said I was anxious, I’m the joker among the lads. She was right though because since the session I’ve had no more pain.

– Confidential